FITIS, CIMA strengthen collaboration

(L-R): Abbas Kamrudeen Chairman – FITIS, Amal Ratnayake -CIMA President of Global Council and Aruna Alwis – CEO – FITIS.

Abbas Kamrudeen, Chairman FITIS and Aruna Alwis, CEO FITIS met with CIMA President of Global Council, Amal Ratnayake for a High Tea at an event organized by CIMA at Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo recently.

At the meeting, FITIS was able to further strengthen its collaboration with CIMA towards promoting Digital Transformation. CIMA’s Digital Focus will enable future talent to focus on areas that are more relevant to the current business environment.

Considering the inclining trend towards digitalization of industries, it is necessary to produce talent that is equipped to support the digital agenda of organizations. Today we are witnessing organizations placing ICT professionals to drive the overall finance role.

Hence, collaboration and understanding business impact during this transformative era is paramount. FITIS, as the apex body of the ICT sector in the country who addresses all major segments within the ICT industry thus recognize the contribution CIMA would bring in with its Digital focus.