Sands Active to invest US$ 10.1M in pharmaceutical plant

Susantha Ratnayake, Chairman of the BOI, hands over the certificate of registrations to Dr. Anoopkanth Segar, Director of Sands Active (Private) Limited.

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) signed an agreement with Sands Active (Private) Limited to set up a project for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products for the local market to meet the current national requirement of imports substitution of medicinal drugs.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the BOI by Susantha Ratnayake, Chairman and Dr. Anoopkanth Segar, Director, on behalf of the company. The total value of this agreement is US$ 10.1 million and the project will provide employment to 160 workers.

Sands Active Pvt. Ltd. was established as a private limited company in 2018. The company is in the process of setting up a state-of-the-art factory with the latest technology and cutting edge manufacturing capabilities to manufacture pharmaceutical products, in order to cater for the Sri Lankan market and also export markets.

The Company has the ambition of supplying quality and affordable pharmaceutical products to the local population and reaching the export market too. While providing the best quality at affordable price, the company believes in honesty and integrity when reaching their customers. The company considers itself duty bound to ensure that all levels of staff such as doctors, chemists, patients, hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies are covered during its responsible reach.

Sands Active Pvt. Ltd. will also continue to build skills for innovation through R&D, to maintain its standards in the years to come. The coming up factory facility will manufacture oral tablets, capsules, injectables, liquid syrups and small volume parenterals with future expansions in mind.

This modern state-of-the-art facility will follow WHO CGM Pregulations to ensure quality drugs, throughout their entire manufacturing process.