Golden returns for Thai Pongal with NDB Wealth


NDB Wealth invites everyone to celebrate the joy and abundance of Thai Pongal, the first harvest of the season in its full measure.

This traditional festival, dating back over 2,000 years, is commemorated with the boiling of the first rice grown in the New Year, and is marked by Tamils in Sri Lanka and all around the world. Homes are spruced and decorated, new clothes are bought and gifts are exchanged among friends and family as they gather together to partake in activities like cooking ‘Pongal’ sweet rice and drawing intricate and colorful rice flour patterns at the entrances of their homes.

“Thai Pongal has a key cultural and religious significance for Hindus as it marks the return of the Sun following a six-month long period, signaling a prosperous and bountiful New Year to come. It is the season to let go of the old and herald the new, and in particular new thoughts and ideas that allow people to enter into prosperous times”, said Dilan Jayakody, Assistant Vice President – Head of Retail Sales.

“Thai Pongal is known to be an auspicious time to embark on new ventures. So, this is the ideal time to fully prepare for not only the New Year, but also for all the years to come, to make your future even brighter. NDB Wealth’s team of experts will help you put a financial plan in place that will not only help to better the current situation but will also set you up for your future requirements,” he also said.

“Money Plus, a Money Market fund from NDB Wealth is one way of securing your future. It is a great investment that helps you to meet the additional expenses that come up during festive times such as Thai Pongal, whilst also helping you to plan ahead for your future benefit,” Mr. Jayakody also noted.

Currently, the Money Plus fund yields 10.25% per annum as at January 08, 2020. It is also ideal as a savings or investment plan which can help families to meet their long-term financial goals with the added flexibility of being able to withdraw funds at any moment with no penalty.

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