Mrs. World 2020, Caroline Jurie in Sri Lanka

Recently crowned Mrs. World, Caroline Jurie at the press conference in Colombo with her husband, Nishantha Deepal and daughter, Elisa.

Mrs. World 2020 Caroline Jurie, the second Sri Lankan woman after Rosie Senanayake to win the coveted international contest, returned to Sri Lanka yesterday, December 10.

Speaking at a press conference at the Kingsbury Hotel to thank those who had been involved in the run-up to the pageant, she called on her countrymen and women to be supportive of Sri Lankan women participating in international beauty pageants.

Jurie said that she had no experience in modelling and was new to the beauty pageant scene.

She said that it was her aunt that supported and convinced her husband to allow her to compete in the contest.

Jurie said that she felt alone at many points during the competition. She cited her faith as being central to her success. Jurie received assistance from past contestants of the Mrs. World competition who had no ties to Sri Lanka.

She also said her victory would not have been possible without the support of a multitude of actors.

Jurie thanked everyone who assisted her at the competition. She said that initially, her visa to attend the competition in the US had been denied. But, with the help of Mrs. World 2018 winner Alice Lee and people with domestic clout, she was able to get a visa in time for the competition.

Organiser for the Mrs. World Mrs. Sri Lanka contest, Tharindu Lakshan said, “After 35 years, we were able to bring our nation to the foremost position in the world again with Caroline Jurie winning the Mrs. World 2020 crown.” He added that from the time she won the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant, the organisers knew that she had what it takes to win the international pageant.

Lakshan cited the meritocratic local judging panel as helping put the best possible candidate forward for the nation.