Sri Lanka Squash shows maturity with high level of Skills displayed amongst the world ranker’s during SAG


By- Nalin Jayetileke reporting from Kathmandu 

Fathoum Isredeen the new start for Sri Lanka  

Sri Lanka Squash players displayed some entertain quality squash yesterday at  Kathamandu with the men and women going down fighting against the High-profile Indian Squash team. In the men’s team event, Ravindu Laksiri , Druvinka Perera and Kareem took to the courts and was seen playing with a lot of Grit and determination though loosing straight sets with the high ranking Indians. What is not worthy was the match between the World Ranked Abey Sing of India playing Sri Lankans number one Ravindu Laksiri who almost took a set off the world ranker fighting his way down in the 2nd set which he lead 10/9, to lose 12/10 at the end. The score stood at 11/8, 12/10 and 11/9 in favor of Abey Sing of India who is ranked 80 in the PSA World ranking. Ravindu displayed much maturity in his game and could be seen getting better by the day, sparing against the top players in the world, something for Sri Lanka Squash to consider looking at getting our players into the top world league. It’s a clear indication of what Sri Lanka is capable of and what talent Sri Lanka has got, working with limited resources revolving around in the game of Squash, where Sri Lanka does not even have its own courts complex.


However, the game of the day was between the current SAG individual Gold medalist Tanvi Khanna of India and Fathoum Iserdeen of Sri Lanka. It was an entertaining power packed game of squash with fathoum taking the first set 11/5, playing down the line, working her power drives from the back of the courts, which was too much to handle during the set by the World ranked Indian. Fathoum was fast and furious moving like a wiper in court. The Indian who is currently world ranked 107 was stretched in the second set too by Fathoum before losing it 12/10. It was also very unfortunate that Fathoum was awarded a conduct stroke when she was playing game ball during the set without which, the set was a clear winner for Fathoum. Quality of Squash played by her was further displayed when she lead the 3rd set too, before losing it 11/9 much to the surprise of everyone at the Squash complex in Kathmadu.  Mihiliya Methsarani could not live up to her expectations as she lost in straight sets to the Indian Number one Sunayana Kuruvilla who is ranked 88 in the world. 3rd game for Sri Lanka was was played by young Sameera Deen.

For Sri Lanka Squash it’s a big day as a Sri Lanka beat Nepal in the Men’s to seal he Bronze medal. The Court craft and skill showcased by Ravindu, Shamel and Duvinka was too good for the Nepalese who were beaten 3/0 by Sri Lanka to seal the Bronze for the country.

Sri Lanka Ladies will play Nepal for the Bronze medal his morning.