US Ambassador meets TNA Leader


The United States Ambassador for Sri Lanka and Maldives Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz met with the leader of the Tamil National Alliance  R Sampanthan in Colombo today.

Reiterating the position Tamil people had taken at the recently concluded elections Sampanthan highlighted that despite of other parties calling for a boycott and to vote for a Tamil candidate the Tamil National Alliance was the only party which openly requested the Tamil People to vote for  Sajith Premadasa and the endorsement to that calling was very clearly demonstrated at the elections.

Further speaking  Sampanthan stressed upon the urgency of finding a political solution to the national question. “We want a political solution Constitutionally provided, which enables people to live with self-respect dignity and also enable them to determine and find answers to the problems faced in their locality” said  Sampanthan.

He also pointed out that the current Prime Minister and the former President  Mahinda Rajapaksa has time and again promised the full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and also building upon the 13th Amendment to find a meaningful power-sharing arrangement, we are prepared to talk on these matters with the new Government said Sampanthan.

We are prepared to work with the economic development initiatives of the government which are beneficial to the people. But we will not surrender the interest and the rights of our people at any point stressed  Sampanthan. He further pointed out “Unless there is a feeling of true peace among the communities and stability in the country attracting foreign investments will be a difficult task.”

Responding to the 19th Amendment to the Constitution  Sampanthan said, ” we will not support any amendments that will diminish the democratic values bestowed in the constitution, and we will certainly not support to remove the independent commissions that are now guaranteed in the Constitution.”

Commenting on the UNHRC Co-sponsored resolution  Sampanthan highlighted ” the issues were internationalized due to the failure of the government to keep to their domestic undertakings and promises. Government has promised the International community on various

matters backtracking from those commitments is indicative of the fact that the government will not keep to its domestic and international commitments. Besides, backtracking on these commitments will also prove that the Government is arbitrarily violating International covenants,” said  Sampanthan.

While assuring the continuous constructive engagement with the government of Sri Lanka the Ambassador also affirmed the USA government’s commitments towards achieving lasting peace justice and equality among the communities in Sri Lanka.