Siddhalepa MD Asoka Hettigoda, honoured with ‘Ayurveda Ratna’ in British Parliament


British Parliament took time to acknowledge and honour the work of the Hettigoda family and their services to Sri Lankan Ayurveda.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Indian Traditional Sciences of the House of Commons welcomed Asoka Hettigoda to address dignitaries and guests of the committee regarding Sri Lankan Ayurveda and work that his family has been devoted to for over 200 years.

The Sri Lankan High Commissioner to UK, along with representatives from the Indian High Commission were guests of the group chaired by Baroness Verma alongside Baroness Uddin and other parliamentarians.

Asoka received an award of recognition ‘Ayurveda Ratna’ for the exceptional service of the highest order for the furtherance of Ayurveda. In addition, and on behalf of his family, Asoka also received an award honour of his ancestral lineage over six generations of Ayurvedic Physicians in Sri Lanka.

The event was covered by journalists representing Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Australia, Japan, China, and Middle East.