Sajith diallowed to meet supporters at Sirikotha, meets supporters at Vauxhall Street instead


Rose Kenny

Defeated United National Party Presidential candidate MP Sajith Premadasa  had not been allowed to  meet his supporters at Sirikotha as planned yesterday at Sirikotha the UNP Headquarters.

However, issuing a statement yesterday General Secretary of the UNP Akila Viraj Kariyawasam had noted that it had been decided to postpone this event to a later date.

However, Sajith Premadasa had met  with his supporters at the Vauxhall street  campaign office  instead of Sirikotha earlier.

Meanwhile, UNP –MP Dr Harsha De Silva in a Twitter described the meeting at Vauxhall Street as, “Emotional scenes at Vauxhall Street as thousands arrive to express their solidarity with Sajith Premadasa. UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj should have just let Sajith thank the 5.5m citizens of Sri Lanka who voted for him from Sirikotha.”

Meanwhile,  UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam in a statement issued denied allegations that Sajith Premadasa was not allowed to meet with party supporters at  Sirikotha premises.

He said that during the Cabinet meeting held on the 20th it had been unanimously decided that it was best to postpone the meeting between Sajith Premadasa and party supporters to another date.

Akila Viraj noted that Sajith Premadasa had also been notified over the phone on Wednesday night regarding this decision and he had said that there was no time to notify all the groups of this decision. Therefore, Premadasa had agreed to meet with those who had not received the notice and who had come to meet him, at the Vauxhall Street office.