Theertha Project makes dream a reality


Since 2013, annually, the Social Empowerment and Community Empowerment Project (CSR), has been conducted with the initiation of the senior lecturer Rajistha De Silva of University of Colombo. This year, Theertha, as a part of the community project with a group of 20 first year students, has supported Madoluwa Maha Vidyalaya in Padukka, one of the most under privileged schools in the Colombo district.

The school consists of only six hundred students and the Principal P. D. A. Premalal with 29 staff members. Due to the poor facilities including the school library of the school, a large number of talented students transfer to schools in the city or suburbs.

Some students have to end their due to financial difficulties. Also, students who do not have the facilities at home to study come to the school to get their work done with millions of hopes and dreams of creating a bright future for themselves.

“Theertha Project extends its brotherhood to the students of Madoluwa Maha Vidyalaya to revive their dreams. It is with great pleasure we announce that the project, which was commenced in July, is nearing its completion. Under the project, a large number of books were donated and a modern library complex was built to replace their dilapidated library. In order to ensure sustainability, the university students have taken steps to introduce a modern library management system to the school as well. Also over the years, the neglected computer lab was once again owned by students with two modern computers on Friday (14),” one of the students said.

Further, Theertha Team did not forget to offer their heartfelt gratitude towards all those who helped and contributed immensely through various monetary donations, as well as the hard work and dedication of the students of University of Colombo, from which this massive project was built and was brought to a success.