Singer and Sony renew Bathiya and Santhush (BNS) Brand Ambassador status for Sony products

(L-R): Singer Sri Lanka PLC Brand Manager, Tharaka Warnakulasuriya; Singer Sri Lanka PLC Senior Manager Legal, Nadeera Kuruppuarachchi; Singer Sri Lanka PLC Marketing Director, Kumar Samarasinghe; Sony International (Singapore) Ltd. President RMDC, Atsushi Endo; Singer Group CEO, Mahesh Wijewardene; Bathiya Jayakody; Santhush Weeraman; Sony Sri Lanka Rep Office Branch Head, Justin Wong; Singer Sri Lanka PLC Senior Marketing Manager, Piyum Jayathilake; Sony International (Singapore) Ltd. Manager Market Development, Joshua Quek; and Sony Sri Lanka Rep Office Head of Marketing, Dilshan Gammampila.

Singer Sri Lanka PLC, country’s premier consumer durables retailer, together with Sony International (Singapore) Ltd. – Sri Lanka Representative Office renewed the brand ambassador status of Bathiya and Santhush (BNS) for Sony products in the country.

The MoU was signed between Mahesh Wijewardene, CEO, Singer Sri Lanka PLC; Kumar Samarasinghe, Marketing Director, Singer Sri Lanka PLC; and the two pop stars, Bathiya Jayakody and Santhush Weeraman. The sign-up happened at an official event held recently at the Singer Sri Lanka PLC Head Office in Colombo.

Mahesh Wijewardene, CEO of Singer Group of Companies; Kumar Samarasinghe, Marketing Director Singer Sri Lanka PLC; Piyum Jayathilake, Senior Marketing Manager, Singer Sri Lanka PLC; Justin Wong, Branch Head, Sony Sri Lanka Rep Office; Atsushi Endo, President, RMDC Sony International (Singapore) Ltd.; Joshua Quek, Manager, Market Development , RMDC Sony International (Singapore) Ltd.; Dilshan Gammampila, Head of Marketing for Sony International (Singapore) Ltd., Sri Lanka Rep Office; and Tharaka Warnakulasuriya, Brand Manager Singer Sri Lanka PLC were also present for the occasion.

Since the appointment of Bathiya and Santhush as brand ambassadors for Sony products in last year, Singer achieved a notable growth in Sony product sales and the music duo were instrumental in carrying the Sony brand name to the public. In doing so, they have found a new wave of Sony products which thrill the music lovers with high quality music coupled with Sony’s latest technology.

Bathiya and Santhush (BNS), one of the biggest musical acts to hit the Sri Lankan musical scene since the 1990s, were the pioneers in mixing Sinhala, Tamil, and English rap verses in their originals, while they have also mixed Hindi rap verses in their folkhop remixes bringing out their contemporary style and the music industry in Sri Lanka. They have produced some of the best music ever to carve a name for themselves as the leading pop Singers in Sri Lanka. Of late, they have been creating lot of innovative music with remixes and producing songs from Sinhala, English, Tamil and even foreign languages.

‘’We welcome this renewal of the tie up with Bathiya and Santhush as brand ambassadors for Sony products and things have worked out smoothly since we appointed BNS as Sony brand ambassadors and that is why we thought of renewing this partnership and we hope with the association of BNS, Sony, as a brand would be further elevated,” stated Mahesh Wijewardene, CEO, Singer Group of companies.

Justin Wong, Branch Head, Sony Sri Lanka Representative Office commented, “We have been with Bathiya and Santhush, one of the most famous and highly talented music duos since last year, and we are very much pleased with the progress made garnering a win-win situation for both parties and we are looking forward to another progressive year ahead”.

Sharing his thoughts, Bathiya Jayakody commented, “We have been the brand ambassadors for Sony products over the course of the last year and Sony is a very popular brand among music lovers thanks to its high quality sounds and technology. At this moment of renewal of the partnership, we are very much thankful for Singer and Sony and are looking forward to bring Sony brand more and more closer to the hearts of the locals”.

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