Price of 30 more drugs to be controlled and 73 already reduced


The price of 30 more types of medicinal drugs will be regulated, says Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine.

A number of new recruitments to the Health Management will be made soon and new technologies will be made available to make the decision making process more efficient in the health sector, said Minister Senaratne addressing the Annual General Meeting of the Health Management assistants held at Biyagama Village recently and pointed out that currently the Health Service gives free stents and lenses.

A total of over 1500 Cochlear Implant Surgeries have been done free of charge. This government had invested so much money on health care. The prices of 73 drugs have already been reduced and the price of 30 more drugs will be reduced soon.

“According to a study by Prof. Galappatty, the benefit gained by Sri Lankans through these price reductions (annually) are Rs. 4.4 billion. People are now using high quality drugs and as people use medicines as prescribed, they are healthier. The results will be visible in two years as the life expectancy of people increase,” added Minister Senaratne.