Govt. seeks parliament approval for 21.4 billion supplementary allocation


By Rose Kenny

The government submitted a Supplementary Allocation of a total of Rs.21,415 million  to the Parliament today seeking House approval for the expenses incurred during 15th June to 15th September provisioning 47 different programs and purposes.

The government also using the Supplementary Allocation,  sought House approval for the additional allocation of Rs.101 million provided for the payment of Luxury Tax on the importation of two security vehicles for f President Maithripala Sirisena’s use.

Opposition lawmaker Bimal Rathnayake, demanding an explanation for the Government spending such a collosal  amount for Luxury Tax for the two vehicles imported for the use of President Sirisena,  said: “Even though we are not against providing security to the President, an allocation for Luxury Tax is made to shoulder the importation of two vehicles for the President. The Luxury Tax for each vehicle exceeds Rs.50 million. We would like to know the details of these particular vehicles. We wonder if it is some sort of a spacecraft.”

“The government allocating Rs.130 million to establish Green Clubs in the 25 Districts in par with Budget proposals becomes a political matter when an election is announced,” he added.

The key allocations looking for House approval includes the additional allocation of Rs.1,595 million to provide for the foreign and domestic components related to the Urban Regeneration Programme which is financed by Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank under the loan agreement signed on 25th April 2019.

Based on the Cabinet Decisions taken, Rs.666 million will be allocated to settle outstanding bills pertaining to projects for rehabilitation of the areas affected by floods and landslides in Matara District, which were commenced before 31sr December 2017. A sum of Rs.150 million will also be provided for the repayment of Security Deposit Holders of the Golden Key Credit Card Company Ltd. as per a Cabinet decision reached on 17th June 2015.

Ministry of City Planning, Water Supply and Higher Education will be allocated Rs. 1 billion for township development in lagging regions. Rs.1.24 billion is allocated to implement the Budget Proposal on interim allowance of Rs.2500/- for Public Sector Employees.

According to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, a two-day debate is also scheduled on the matter on the 23rd October.