881 kg of beedi leaves recovered in Northwestern seas


During a raid carried out by the Navy in coordination with the Sri Lanka Coast Guard, two persons with a stock of beedi leaves have been apprehended. The apprehension was made in Kudawa sea area in Kalpitiya on 06th October 2019.

Accordingly, the Northwestern Naval Command had carried out the search in the sea area of Kudawa, in coordination with the Sri Lanka Coast Guard. During this operation they held the 02 suspects with a 881kg-haul of beedi leaves. The suspects are residents of Kapitiya area, aged 37 and 31. The seized haul of beedi leaves is believed to have transferred to the island via sea routes and it was handed over to the Customs Office-Colombo for onward investigation.

Since frequent Navy patrols, the drug traffickers find it difficult to continue their activities easily. Further, the Navy keeps the vigilant eye on them to avert illegal activities in island’s waters.