‘NDB Araliya’ organises non-financial service forum


NDB takes every effort to provide constant encouragement and propel financial guidance for Sri Lankan women with a determination to grow in their life.

NDB Araliya provides non-financial services such as workshops and forums that are specialized offerings focusing on empowering, educating and uplifting the Sri Lankan woman.

A non-financial Service forum, organized by the NDB Kurunegala and Ampara branches and the regional offices jointly with the NDB Araliya team, was held in Kurunegala and Ampara targeting the ‘house-wife’ segment and the female entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

NDB has made continuous efforts to empower women through various initiatives significantly through SME and Micro Finance.

The empowerment as well as the autonomy of women and the improvement of their political, social, economic and health status is a very important end that NDB focuses on as it is essential for the achievement of sustainable development.

Thus non-financial services such as these workshops revolve around educating women on their health, wellbeing as well as any business ventures they hope to delve into. The workshops were conducted for all women of the area regardless of whether they were customers of the Bank or not.

Women are the real architects of society, often carrying a load far greater than possible. They are mothers, sisters, and wives. She is the one person who is always behind success, no matter what role she played. It is to her that NDB has specifically designed ‘Araliya’; a host of offerings which will support women in fulfilling their ambitions. However, because the Bank is more focused on empowering the Sri Lankan Woman, all women interested in receiving such non-financial services were welcomed with open arms at the workshops.

NDB will be conducting more such non-financial services throughout the year for women empowerment