Alethea relaunches new-era educational framework

(L-R): Kumari Hapugalle Perera - Executive Director, Anitra Perera - Managing Director/ Coordinating Principal, Buddhika Pathiraja, Principal.

Alethea School and Alethea International School has taken the initiative to fill the mismatch of technology and the pre-existing traditional classroom education. Through the relaunch of the school, Alethea will shift their educational vision towards a technology driven educational framework that is reflected in the school’s teaching, learning process as well as the infrastructural facilities that are in par with the Gen Z educational demands.

Alethea group is one of the oldest privately-owned schools in Sri Lanka, with over 90 years history in the field of education. The School is an official Pearson – Edexcel teaching center that is authorized to host examinations in Sri Lanka, as well as a Cambridge International School and British Council Partner School. As such, taking the next step towards becoming a leader in the local educational industry, the school announced a relaunch with a complete facelift across curriculum, extra-curricular activities as well as facilities offered to students.

“The educational philosophy of Alethea School and Alethea International School, since its inception by the founding family, has been based on making the school ‘A home away from home to everyone’. As such, we have always stood progressive in our outlook while sustaining the values of our culture, traditions and multi-religious values,” said Anitra Perera, Managing Director/Coordinating Principal, Alethea Group of Schools.

Ms. Anitra also said, “However, in the era of the Gen Z, we have identified that it is crucial the education we deliver to our students replicates the positive advancements of technology. Alethea Group took measures to assess and evaluate the existing academic programme and infrastructure, and made a decision to relaunch the entire school framework, so that our delivery matches the ever-changing demands of the world outside. Thereby, the school has introduced smart classrooms, along with many innovative turnkey digital educational elements, including five digital science labs, two music studios and art studios, a state-of-the-art computer lab, and an e-library”.

“The school has also taken steps to create modernized classrooms with students’ lockers and smart interactive boards. We also took measures to include an international standard basketball court,” pointed out Ms. Anitra Perera, chronicling the vision behind the relaunch of the school.

“In keeping with the technologically driven education framework, we have entered into collaborations with many global education pioneers to bring in technology embedded educational tools into our curriculum and teaching process. The collaborations include Cloud Smart School Education, developed by CodeGen, a revolutionary platform for School Management, Learning Management and Remote Learning, that has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education Sri Lanka. It is a program that would enable an enhanced learning experience for the students, while ensuring an effective approach in teaching.

In addition, Alethea partnered with IgniterSpace, the largest technology and innovation education provider in Sri Lanka for Igniter Space curriculum that         focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, ” noted Ms. Anitra Perera.

“Another interesting partnership that would be available for the learners following the relaunch of the school is extra-curricular activities that are designed to help children learn coding at a young age. An attempt to prepare students for the future, helping them with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence to face a technologically advanced future than that we know of. The after-school coding activity will be initiated in partnership with Create Lab, Singapore’s leading Coding, Robotics & Design Thinking school,” added Ms. Anitra Perera.

She further indicated, “As we all are aware, the younger generation of today’s society is now facilitated with many smart devices for various reasons and we understand that it has become a necessity with the current competitive environment among the activities of children. Alethea has partnered with South Asian Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to provide Kaspersky Safe Kids, one of the products of the Kaspersky family that provides internet safety to smart devices used by children providing them the opportunity to be open to the world of technology while being monitored by parents to ensure their kids are safe online.”

In addition to the digitalization of the entire school, Alethea Group has also made space for the school to be an inclusive education institution that accommodates students of all caliber and different academic needs. As such, the school houses a learning resource unit and a special needs unit; both established to cater to the specific requirements of some of the students.

Alethea School and Alethea International School

Established in 1927, Alethea School and Alethea International School was registered as a private company the following year. In 1954 it was registered with the Department of Examinations of Sri Lanka as a Secondary School. From 1968 onwards, the students of Alethea sat for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level (O/L) Examinations in Sri Lanka in the Sinhala, Tamil and English mediums. Anitra Perera is the 4th generation administrator of the school founded by the Hapugalle/Perera family.