DFCC Bank gears up for digital transformation

Lakshman Silva, DFCC Bank CEO, handing over of the agreement. (L-R): Denver Lewis, Vice President/Head of Cards Centre; Nishan Weerasooriya, Head of Information Technology; Samathri Kariyawasam, Vice President General Legal; Thimal Perera, Deputy Chief Executive Officer; Lakshman Silva, DFCC Bank CEO; Sidath Wijeratne, CEO, Novus President, NovusTech; Ashani Rodrigo, Project Manager, NovusTech; and Deepak Gangadharan, Senior Vice President.

DFCC Bank, one of Sri Lanka’s fast growing commercial bank, recently partnered with Novustech Lanka with the aim of carrying out a modernized approach to enhance customer experience across all touch points.

As a result of this partnership, DFCC Bank implemented the upgraded Digital touch points and went live recently to provide enhanced customer experience with more accuracy and convenience.

Outsourcing of ATMs, deployment of CRMs and implementation of a mobile staging app for high volume branches with priority queuing features in order to enhance the customer interaction and speedy service are the main inclusions of this partnership.

This value-adding system will ensure a smooth flow of operations by means of reducing manual work by process simplification, reducing transaction turnaround times and introducing new online and mobile banking mediums which will help customers initiate transactions even before reaching a branch and minimizing the time spent at a branch.

Acclimating to market dynamics with the motivation to stay ahead of the game, this partnership has strengthened the bank’s latest digitally-enabled platforms such as Cash Recycling Machines which are the evolved versions of traditional ATMs.

With the introduction of the CRMs, Bank’s customers are able to withdraw and deposit cash around the clock eliminating the dependency on branch closing times. ‘DFCC MYSPACE’, the self-banking solution which is the consolidated digitalized service delivery space of the bank, is where the DFCC customers could experience those digital platforms 365 days 24×7. The screens of these machines have been standardised creating an omni channel experience and will facilitate an array of new innovative lifestyle based services.

By adapting to the technological enhancements of the modern age, DFCC Bank is committed to provide frictionless banking experience to its consumers while ensuring the satisfaction of conveniently fulfilling their present and future banking needs.