Navy rescues 04 Indian fishermen aboard distressed trawler in Kachchativu seas


The Navy this morning (01st September) rescued 04 Indian fishers aboard a distressed trawler in the seas off Kachchativu, Jaffna. The fishing trawler and its crew encountered this unfortunate incident as a result of prevailing rough sea condition.

A naval craft belonging to the Northern Naval Command had spotted a trawler which was adrift, while patrolling in northern seas this morning. Subsequently, the naval craft had reached the distressed trawler and rendered it technical assistance needed. Besides, the Navy also provided food and drink to refresh the group of fishermen, who were already fatigued from hours of stay in rough seas.

The 04 Indian fishers are from 37 to 60 years of age and they, along with their fishing trawler, were handed over to the Jaffna Fisheries Inspector for onward action.

Meanwhile, the Navy remains vigilant all the time to render assistance to distressed naval and fisheries community in Sri Lankan territorial waters.