‘Policy consistency vital for entrepreneur confidence’

The top 10 CNCI award winners.

The important and vital policies on national interest taken by respective governments should not be changed under any circumstances by governments which come into power on the grounds that it badly affects the country’s entrepreneurs, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said.

Speaker Jayasuriya expressed these views at the CNCI Annual Achiever Awards 2019 ceremony, conducted by Ceylon National Chamber of Industries (CNCI). The Guest of Honour was Lakshman Silva. State Minister Buddhika Pathrana was also present. Over 500 local industrialists and service providers represented their respective organizations.

The Speaker said entrepreneurs were the key players in the country’s economy because the economy depended on them to a greater extent. He highlighted the invaluable role played by the CNCI in the promotion of industries in Sri Lanka and said their contribution to the growth of the national economy is commendable.

Speaker Jayasuriya also said the CNCI should also help the industrialists on their growth, innovations and expansions and encourage them to enter the new markets since the entrepreneurs responsibility is to spur the country’s economy further.

“In addition, the prime objective of the Chamber is to expand the country’s small and medium sectors as to contribute immensely to develop the village economy and also to provide employment to our rural youth. The Government’s aim is to bring business entities to villages and uplift economic standards of entrepreneurs in rural and remote areas under the ‘Gamperaliya’ and ‘Enterprise Sri Lanka’ development programmes,” he said.

Referring to Bill Gates, Speaker Jayasuriya said the responsibility of our entrepreneurs is to uplift the living standards of rural youth like Bill Gates used his money to finance good causes for education and public health of people.

CNCI Chairman Raja Hewabowala highlighted that this achievers awards ceremony encourages and upgrade not only the industrialists and service sector personnel in the country, but also helps to swell the country’s economy to a greater extent.

The Crystal Award was won by Saw Engineering (PVT) Ltd., while 10 companies received top awards.