Sectorial Oversight Committee on Education recommends Batticaloa campus be taken over


By Rose Kenny

The Sectoral Oversight Committee on Education has unanimously recommended that the Government  take over the controversial Batticaloa Campus under the Provision of Emergency Regulations.

Chairman of the Committee Professor Ashu Marasinghe made this recommendation after submitting the report of the committee to Parliament this morning.

Professor  Ashu Marasinghe said none of the essential approvals had been obtained to construct the building of the Batticaloa campus adding that there are no proper documents.

He said that an additional eight acres of land had been taken over illegally and built upon without obtaining any authorisation from the relevant institutions.

He added that there was a disparity regarding the claims on how the money was obtained for this project as at one point it had been said that this was a grant and at another instance it had been stated that this sum was a loan. However. The bank had not been notified that it was a loan and there are no provisions for the repayment of this loan, Professor Marasinghe noted.

Therefore, he said that since the money for this project has been obtained in an  illegal manner which deems this institution an illegal  establishment, the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Education has recommended that the government take over all properties and buildings of the Batticaloa Campus private limited and to establish it as an affiliate of the Eastern University. He noted that this will help the Eastern University to develop further.