Twitter needs help Identifying father and daughter in this viral Notre-Dame photo


Right now, social media is buzzing with stories and updates on the devastating Notre Dame fire, which almost destroyed the 850-year-old church. But this particular story has emerged to be the most heartwarming of the lot.

The Notre Dame is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris, and thousands of people flock to the cathedral everyday.

Moments before the fire engulfed the cathedral, a tourist named Brooke Windsor clicked a photo in front of it. The photo is seemingly an ordinary one, but something about it will immediately warm you from within. The picture shows a father and his young daughter playing outside the historic landmark. The sheer happiness that the picture exudes is a stark contrast to the sinister and heartbreaking pictures of the fire that have been flooding our news feeds.

Windsor claims that the picture was taken just before the fire broke out, and she believes that this photo may very well go down in history. However, she wants to identify the father-daughter duo in the picture.

And like most people, Windsor knew that if she wanted to identify the pair, she would have to rely on social media to do so. She tweeted the image with a beautiful caption, and prayed for a miracle, hoping that fellow Tweeple would help her discover their identities.

Windsor has stated that she cannot confirm if the man and the girl were indeed father and daughter, but it was the dynamic between them that made her feel so. Ever since she posted the photo, the image has gone viral, garnering over 66,000 shares.

Windsor has also said that she was present when the fire broke out, and she watched in complete horror, like hundreds of other people who were present on site.

Her photo is being hailed as “historic” and one of the most meaningful photos to have emerged after the Notre Dame fire.

As Windsor said, this is a memory anyone would like to cherish. All she wants to do is help unite the dad and daughter with the photo, one that they’ll probably like to hold on to. One can only hope.

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