Speaker strongly advises MPs to refrain from using obscene language in Parliament


Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, making a special statement in parliament, expressed his regret over the harm done to the reputation of parliament by certain parliamentarians using abusive language in the House.

Referring to a heated exchange of words between an Opposition MP and a government State Minister during the committee stage budget debate, the Speaker strongly advised the MPs not to use foul language during debates in a manner that would tarnish the reputation and the pride of the parliament.

He also requested the parliamentarians to act in a more exemplary manner in declaring their protests.

Local media reported that during a heated argument between UPFA MP Mohan Priyadarshana de Silva and State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake on the sale of MPs’ duty free vehicle permits, MP Silva has used obscenities in responding to the State Minister.

thesundayreader.lk is hopeful that the parliamentarians will conduct them-self as per the expected decorum upholding the stature of Parliament and see the statement of the Hon Speaker as as positive directive to ensure same.