Massive protest campaign against Wilpattu deforestation

Images that reveal the continuous destruction of the forest.

A massive protest campaign against the alleged deforestation of Wilpattu will be launched, says the Protect Wilpattu Organization.

Chairman of the organization, Ven. Ananda Sagara Thero says that recent satellite images of the area reveal the latest information of the continuous destruction of the forest.

The Thero points out that it is unfortunate that authorities who are informed of this act are maintaining silence.

According to a spokesman of the Department of Wildlife, no harm has been done to the land area of the Wilpattu National Park.

The Wildlife Department points out that deforestation at the relevant reserve is illegal as it is gazetted as a forest reserve and addes that the Department of Forest Conservation has the responsibility to implement the law on the matter.

According to Raveendra Kariyawasam, the National Coordinator of the Center for Environment and Nature Studies, the deforestation is still going on at the Wilpattu forest reserve.

Stating that this deforestation is done under a project of the current government, Kariyawasam says that government authorities keeping silent on this is a misfortune of the whole nation.

Meanwhile, a case regarding the deforestation at Wilpattu is taken up for consideration at the Court of Appeal today (22), says Lawyer and Civil activist Nagananda Kodituwakku.

What is positive here is that after raising this issue sometime back and though much has not taken place to address it, the organisations such as protect Wilpathu has once again highlighted the issue and the stakeholders have seriously taking stock of the situation, though a spokesman for he department of wild life has said that no harm has been done to the land area of the Wilpattu National Park, a close look at the scenario may have to be taken by the Government who is said to be going ahead with a project in the as per the national coordinator for environment and nature. said area.

However, Lets hope the parties concern will act and take Proactive initiatives to see that the Forests are safeguarded and that no harm has been done as said by the wild life department , so that we as a country would take control of our environment/ Nature and do our part in support of managing Global  warming.