CEMS-Global three International Exhibitions for the Textile & Garment Sector


By Roy Silva 

CEMS-Global USA’s three comprehensive International Exhibitions focused to the entire Textile & Garment sector of Sri Lanka titled: ‘10th Textech Sri Lanka 2019 International Expo’ – An International Exhibition on Textile Garment Technology & Machinery along with concurrent exhibitions; 36th Dye+Chem Sri Lanka 2019 Int’l Expo’ – An Int’l Exhibition on Dyes and Fine & Specialty Chemicals; and ‘12th Colombo Int’l Yarn & Fabric Show 2019’, will be kicking off at Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre (SLECC), Colombo on March 7, 8 and 9.

CEMS-Global USA launched its operations in Sri Lanka as CEMS Lanka in 2009 immediately after the civil war was over. CEMS-Global was the first company to enter Sri Lanka after that and to have launched its most important International Trade Exhibitions for the Trade & Industry of Sri Lanka in 2010 with a vision to further expand into the fast booming Sri Lankan Industry sector and bringing most reputed International Manufacturers and Suppliers through its Exhibitions to Sri Lanka.

Since then CEMS-Global USA and CEMS Lanka have been putting in all efforts and held important B2B Trade Shows for the Textile & Apparel Industry, Logistics & Shipping and Power & Energy. CEMS-Global and CEMS Lanka have partnered with important business associations of Sri Lanka and have been successfully creating important Business to Business platforms in form of Trade Shows for the benefit of Sri Lanka.

‘Textech Sri Lanka International Expo’ was first organised in 2010 and the CEMS Global is immensely proud to announce the organizing of ‘10th Edition of TEXTECH Sri Lanka 2019 International Expo’ – An International Exhibition on Textile Apparel Technology & Machinery from March 7 to 9 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre in Colombo with which CEMS Global would also be celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the ‘Textech Sri Lanka International Exhibition’ and ‘CEMS Lanka Pvt. Ltd.’ for successfully completing 10years.

Since its inception in 1992, CEMS-Global USA, with its HQ in New York – United States, in this span of 27 years, CEMS-Global has made a commendable presence as a Multinational Exhibition Organizer with operations across four continents of the world and organizing over 40 exhibitions per annum on all important sectors of the trade and economy in 6 countries.

The Textech, Dye+Chem and Yarn & Fabric are CEMS-Global’s International series of Exhibitions, which are held in the same name in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil & Morocco with Dye+Chem & Yarn & Fabric Series being held in four countries. The ‘10th  Textech Sri Lanka 2019 International Expo’ is targeted not only to the Textile & Apparel sector but also to the entire Manufacturing sector of Sri Lanka.

As years pass by, the ‘Textech’ brand becomes more and more stronger and in turn brings more work and challenge for CEMS-Global to continue working over the edge and maintain the legacy and keep Textech as the best exhibition for the Textile & Apparel Industry of Sri Lanka and taking it further to newer countries.