The first women from Sri Lanka will graduate from the Army School of Ceremonial in Catterick, UK .


The first women from Sri Lanka will graduate from the Army School of Ceremonial in Catterick this week.

Every year, military personnel from across the Commonwealth, the Middle East and Asia travel all the way to Catterick, in North Yorkshire, to learn military drill at the Army School of Ceremonial.

Flight Lieutenant Attale and Corporal Amarasena are the first Sri Lankan women to attend the school and they will graduate this week.

“It’s a rare chance, so we are really happy,” said Flt Lt Attale.

“Lieutenant Attale and Corporal Amarasena have done very well,” said Colour Sergeant Paul Money, one of the instructors.

Learning how to perform a correct drill is key to British armed forces, but more and more international military representatives visit the training centre each year.

During their time in Catterick, foreign students learn how to perform the drill and how to teach it, as once they return in their home countries they are expected to give lessons to their own national military divisions.

Instructors from the Army School of Ceremonial have also travelled to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and Hong Kong to spread the British drill across the world.

“It’s because we do it properly,” said Colour Sergeant Money when explaining why so many international military representatives visit the Catterick school each year.

The British Army School of Ceremonial is based at the Infantry Training Centre Catterick, which trains all the British Army’s infantry soldiers.

“The standards of the two Sri Lankan female participants on  course were quite high, we had only to teach the finer points which they learned very fast” said one of the instructors.

The Sri Lanka Air Force has had many UK Qualified Drill Instructors (DI’s ) in the past and this become the first instant that a UK qualification is obtained by females from the Air Force. Drill and Ceremonial Duties, Ground combat/ Training, weapons handling, VIP/ VVIP Security, and Air Defence are some of the other areas the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Regiment is responsible for.

the team ‘’ would like to congratulate the Lady Officer and the JNCO for their achievements.

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