We can win the World Cup, says Angelo Mathews


We can win the World Cup, says Angelo Mathews

By Samantha Hewabandula 

In an exclusive interview with the sundayreader.lk, former Sri Lanka Cricket Captain Angelo Mathews says that it is still possible for Sri Lanka to plan and win the Cricket World Cup, which is scheduled to get underway in England and Wales in May 2019.

Following are the excerpts of the interview:

Q: We know you are being treated for a hamstring injury. How do you feel? Do you think it will have an impact on your performance in the future?

A: Well, it will not be so as most international cricketers get injuries as we play at the highest level and on top of that, I have come this far whilst nursing injuries. So it’s not an issue and no sooner I feel better and I am hoping to be back.

Q: You performed well in New Zealand, but will miss out on the Australian tour and as I understand, it is due to the injury. In that context, do you feel you will be fully fit to play for the World Cup?

A: It’s too early to comment as all will depend on how I perform after coming out of the injury.

Q: Can Sri Lanka win the World Cup? Do you think we have a chance with other top sides?

A: Yes. We can win the World Cup if we try hard and we have time to rectify our problems and errors and face the Word Cup positively.

Q: Sri Lanka has been losing constantly during the past few months and have not performed up to expectations. What is you view on that?

A: Well, that is Cricket and it does not mean we can’t come up.

Q: What should we do to get Sri Lanka Cricket to the correct position?

A: That is not for me to decide. The Committee/ Board  should look at that and plan accordingly.

Q: Since of late we have heard that there are differences amongst players. Did that had any impact on our performance?

A: Tell me a place where there are no issues?

Q: Sri Lanka is below than Ireland in ranking. What’s your view on that?

A: Yes it’s true. But you also have to note that there were times we were at the top.

Q: Do you think that what has happened to our Cricket is a result of it being made a kind of a business?

A: You can’t say that, as for anything to be successful you need competition and I don’t see an issue in Cricket becoming a business.

Q: You lost your captaincy. What are your views on that?

A: Well, it’s not an issue at all as I am used to such things. In fact I lost my captaincy during my school days. So it’s nothing new to me. These things happen.

In a nutshell Mathews is of the opinion that we still can do well and even win the World Cup provided we plan, focus and develop ourselves towards meeting the new challenges in International Cricket.