Sri Lanka Cricket elections… Not the way to go


Sri Lanka Cricket elections…

Not the way to go

Says former test legend Sidath Wettimuny


By Samantha Hewabandula

Sri Lanka Cricket is scheduled to hold its elections to appoint cricket officials and committee on February 7, 2018. Observing some of the nominations the Sunday Reader notes that quite a few former office bearers of Sri Lanka Cricket have come forward with Jayantha Dharamadasa, Nishantha Ranatunga and K. Mathivanan from one end whilst Mohan De Silva, Shammi Silva and their party from the other end.

With this situation, both parties and any other party that come into the contest should make note not to push the respective clubs to cast their vote offering various benefits, as such acts will be detrimental to the development of Sri Lanka Cricket and to the gentleman’s game. Although there is grapevine to that effect, it is the hope of the cricket loving public of this country that the right candidates should be elected to the top seats of Sri Lanka Cricket, which will create even playing fields for all clubs with such voting power.

Legendary Sri Lanka test opener Sidath Wettimuny is of the opinion that the system of Sri Lanka Cricket elections and voting powers have adversely affected the system and by and large in the game of cricket in Sri Lanka over the years, interim bodies had to be appointed at deferent times. Expressing his views to the Sunday Reader the stylish opener Wettimuny said, “This system is very wrong. We have too many clubs with voting power and do not fit the equation. As such, we have left a lot of room for corruption to set in. Naturally, I don’t want to get in there. The whole country can now see what has happened to Si Lanka Cricket standards and people do not want to watch cricket due to our poor performance in the recent past. We need to change the Constitution of Sri Lanka Cricket as it has its effects to the whole system.”

“I have brought this up with the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Sports Minister, with no response to date. In fact, I have given it in writing but the situation remains the same. If we go in this frequency there is all probability that we may even loose to sides like Nepal,” added Mr. Wettimuny.

Let’s hope that whichever system that is adopted will have minimal effect on the performance in the field and that record stands such as the one in New Zealand during the 1st test match with Angelo Mathews and Kusal Mendis be the stepping stone for a better future for Si Lanka Cricket. Let’s look at the positives whilst we identify the negatives and the weaknesses.