National Peoples Movement- Press Release


Press Release
18th December 2018
The Socio, Economic and Political Crisis in Sri Lanka is rapidly escalating and the structure of
the network of government institutes is fast disintegrating leading to chaos. Leaders of this
country who have ruled over 70 years since independence, have at various points in our
history ventured to amend the constitution with the basic intention of ensuring their political
longevity and constitutional loopholes for their personal benefit, while eroding the rights of
each citizen. Hence the inconsistencies and the paradoxes between the Executive and the
Legislature are further aggravating the crisis while the country is at a standstill. The
acceptance and respect of politicians and political parties among the general public is rapidly
eroding. Present power struggle and rivalry action among main Political Parties may eventually
pave the way for the evolution of a brutal dictatorship or even anarchy, in the absence of a
feasible alternative to the people of this country.
Those leaders whom we appointed through a so called democratic process have failed to
manage not only our economy, geopolitical relations, socio-economic advancement of the
populace but also the preservation of our environment and Sri Lankan culture. Instead, we
have lopsided, highly destructive foreign influences that only benefit the handful within the
political class and their crony business proxies. Weak negotiating skills and susceptibility to
greed by our political leaders has created many white elephant projects putting us in a debt
trap and allowing hegemonic powers to buy off our assets grossly inhibiting our economy and
social framework. It is becoming more apparent and clear that this country and it’s economy
is at the lowest point of deterioration and can be saved only through a structured and an
organized Peoples’ movement, which understands the gravity of the situation and committed
to the cause of resurrecting Sri Lanka.
Thus, we hereby firmly express our active engagement in building the “National Peoples
Movement” with conscious awareness, determination and commitment to synergize and
network Progressive Organizations and Movements, Trade Unions, Farmer and Fisher
communities, Intellects, Artists, Literati, Entrepreneurs, Environmental, Civil, Political and
Social Organizations and Activists etc., that are representing all Ethnic communities, Cultural
and Religious Groups, Youth, Women, and people of all walks of life, who are aspiring to build
an united and inclusive “Sri Lankan Nation” to overcome the present crisis of governance and
the most likely state of anarchy to follow and create a better country for the future generations.
By creating The National Peoples Movement we will;
1) Be an active force of empowerment of people for an impactful Social, Economic and
Political transformation
2) Build a people friendly, modern and an efficient nation free of corruption, where
equity, equality, justice and respectfulness prevails
3) Develop a National Agenda/Road Map through an inclusive process to address the
social, economic and political challenges we face.
4) Ensure the establishment of a New Constitution through a wide consultative and
participatory process.
5) Establish a stable environment for innovation and creativity based home grown
6) Promote national unity, ethnic and religious harmony and reconciliation.
7) Develop a new political leadership and a political culture to build the nation by
identifying most suited individuals to run for government, while retaining power with
the people.
We invite all likeminded individuals and organizations to join us in co-creating “National
Peoples Movement” to transform the present party political system towards a more
democratic, participatory, inclusive, accountable and devolved system of governance in Sri
Member Organizations of The Common Platform
1. United Professionals Movement
2. Deshodaya Organization
3. Vinivida Foundation
4. Lawyers for Equal Rights
5. Sri Lankan Engineers Association
6. Trustees (Gte.) Ltd
7. Jathika Janatha Commission
8. Jathika Parisarika Sanvidana Ekamuthuwa
9. Alliance for Political Conscience
10. Paramparika Ha Deshiya Waidyawarunge Ekamuthuwa
11. Jathika Guru Balaya
12. Udara Sri Lanka Organization
13. Independent Organization to Protect Depositors
14. Mihithala Mithuro Environment Development Foundation
15. Janatha Niyojanaye Purogami Sabhawa
16. Al Imam Shafi Center for Education & Development
17. Dambulu Govijana Vyaparaya
18. Janatha Kriyakari Peramuna
19. Jayathu Sri Lanka Foundation
20. Samaja Sadaranathwaya Udesa Tharuna Vyaparaya

Eng. Gamini Nanda Gunawardana
Media Spokes Person – 0775368068